Qatar, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand in 15 DAYS !

Qatar, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand in 15 DAYS !

Initially we didn’t think about going these places but had an image that in this summer we’ll be covering places where people go in SUMMERS. So definitely it would be places where we can find BEACHES :p

You might be thinking, why then SINGAPORE? The reason behind Singapore is that it was a neighborhood country of Malaysia which we were covering.

Before getting started, let me update here that this post is going to be REAL BIG !
So let’s start with the planning:

Planning :

First, you need to think about the neighborhood places because it can help you save your money with cheaper flights. We used GOOGLE FLIGHTS website to find the cheaper flights for our complete itinerary. We tried as many combinations and figured out places where we can find more options usually, so BANGKOK was the first option because we were covering Thailand as well. Therefore, using BANGKOK we tried many options and we LUCKILY found one. (I wish I had an image for the complete itinerary)

We decided QATAR and MALDIVES because they’re ON ARRIVAL visa countries plus it was making sense when we were getting cheap flights with no additional VISA headache.

Destinations : Qatar, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand.


As you all know, QATAR and MALDIVES are VISA-FREE countries, let’s ignore them and discuss about other countries.

MALAYSIA was in our list for sure and the BIG reason is because of the E-VISA. We applied our E-VISA an it took 3 days for us to get them.
COST : Rs. 7500 per head.

THAILAND visa is easy to get because many people from many countries visit Thailand. Will cover visa related details in another post but here only the important information. I could’ve applied for TRANSIT VISA as well (cost 4000 per head) but for safe side, I applied for TOURIST VISA and I got the visa from Embassy in 5 working days).
TOURIST VISA COST 5000 per head.

SINGAPORE E-Visa was the only visa we were not sure about because there were many confusions regarding risk and duration and apply through an agent or yourself. We didn’t have much time because we were getting our kind-of cheap flights in those specific dates, so we couldn’t risk applying ourselves so we decided to apply through an agent and we found YUGO.PK a reliable source with some reasonable price (This is not a promotion – FYI). It took some time but we received our visas and it was not due to YUGO but the Embassy.
COST : Rs. 8500 per head.


As mentioned above, we found the following flights in some reasonable price:

  • KARACHI to MALE via DOHA – 21 hours Stopover

TOTAL COST of the Flights : Rs. 125k per head.


Currency : Consider taking US Dollars along with some country currency in which you’re travelling. Example: 100 BAHT for Thailand because you might need to spend some money for transportation or meal before converting your USD.

Flights: Use GOOGLE FLIGHTS and SKIPLAGGED.COM to find cheaper flights. BTW, I have to mention, I found AIRASIA very cheap and comfortable.

Accommodation: Used OYO, AIRBNB and AGODA for accommodations throughout my trip. I usually book hotels/places a day ahead of reaching the place. I recommend booking hotels before at least a week, you may save some money.

Transportation: Used Public Transport and GRAB (Taxi Hailing APP)

Meals: Halal meals were easy to find, but try HALAL street food for 2 specific reasons:

  1. Street Food tastes good.
  2. Street Food are light on your pocket.

Excursions: Always try different tour guides, and go for agent which is giving you good rates. Plus use the apps KLOOK and KKDAY.

BONUS: Schedule your flights to be in the morning. Why?

  • You’ll not be tired due to late night/night flights.
  • As countries/places your’e visiting are nearby, flights duration will not be more than 1-2 hours. So, you’ll have your complete day to explore the city.

TOTAL COST: Rs. 280k per head including Flights, Accommodation, Excursions, Meals & Transportation.

1 day in Qatar

2 days in Maldives

5 days in Malaysia

2 days in Singapore

5 days in Thailand

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